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Magnetrol-Social Media Presence

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Social Media Presence

The objective: Create a thoughtful, impactful social voice for a large industrial company

The challenge: The challenge: Magnetrol International, Inc., a global provider of level and flow solutions, had a small and moderately active social media presence. Magnetrol wanted to expand their reach and establish their thought leadership. This required strong, compelling content that would be relevant to their professional audience and shareable.

The campaign: After meeting with Magnetrol to gain essential insight into their goals and objectives, Boomm developed a week-by-week social media calendar full of high-value content for three platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Posts included promoting Magnetrol’s longer-form content, such as blogs and case studies; photos from service and community events; lighthearted memes relating Magnetrol products to holidays and events; and fun facts about the industries that Magnetrol serves. This mix of content balanced thought leadership with an engaging social voice and provided many opportunities for the audience to view additional content which helps drive lead generation efforts for Magnetrol. Boomm creates, plans, manages and maintains the Magnetrol social presence on a weekly basis.

The result: Magnetrol’s social media followers and engagement metrics have steadily increased since the campaign began. Each Magnetrol social page has over 300 followers. The social community is commenting and sharing Magnetrol content at a higher rate, and is more informed about Magnetrol’s brand values and mission.