Powerful B2B Branding and Engagement Process

It used to be easy to make some marketing noise. Run a full-page ad in the industry bible. Hand out free thing-a-ma-squeezies at trade shows. Offer deep discounts to new customers.

Boomm process

But customers have learned how to tune out. They’re trusting colleagues, not marketers or media. They value conversations, not monologues. They want content, not brand messages.

Now marketers are scrambling to stay on top of technology, shifting budgets to digital, analyzing web traffic patterns and managing the Twitter feed. But new tools alone aren’t going to deliver the sonic blast needed to break through and engage customers. Our clients rely on Boomm for a go-to-market process that blends B2B branding strategy with sales performance to make impact. Our approach:

  • Sets business objectives and brand strategy
  • Recognizes and responds to customer needs
  • Systematically engages customers when they’re making brand decisions
  • Uses data-driven marketing methodology to create customer action
  • Tracks campaign performance to improve ROMI
  • Creates long-term brand conversations and lasting brand value
  • Builds your brand and boomms your business


How We Do It

Boomm’s go-to-market methodology focuses on two fundamental – and powerful – steps.

Boomm Process – Step 1: BuildSuccessful marketing strategy exists at the intersection of your customers’ need set and your intrinsic brand value. How do you get there? By accessing market intelligence, establishing a vital brand position that expresses real market value, and mapping your audience segments to create relevant messaging, you can go to market with breakthrough creative that will engage customers.
Boomm Process – Step 2: BoommNow that you’ve built a B2B branding strategy, you need to reach your audience. By targeting your customers throughout the engagement funnel with marketing tactics that parallel their behaviors and information needs, you can create a value-laden brand dialogue that accelerates your desired outcomes.