57 Reasons You Need to Improve Your Lead Generation Campaigns NOW

  • According to research from the Corporate Executive Board, 57% of B2B purchase decision-making is completed before your customer engages the sales rep.
  • That’s 57 percentage points of lost opportunity to connect your brand with buyers.
  • Are your lead generation campaigns effectively filling the gap?
of B2B purchase decision-making is completed before your customer engages the sales rep.

How You Fill the Vacuum Matters

  • Successful brands are telling stories to engage customers in their personal networks, on a one-to-one level.
  • Content marketing mandates: Educate, Inform, Entertain.
  • Content strategy should target content to the prospects’ info needs throughout the funnel.
  • Own, don’t rent, your marketing – an investment in content marketing pays lasting dividends, paid media doesn’t.
  • Don’t get in the way of what customers want to consume – Give customers what they want to consume in effective lead generation campaigns!

Boomm Your Business with Sales and Marketing Alignment

  • Closed loop reporting
    • Track new leads and sales conversions – from first marketing touch to sales close
  • Information sharing
    • Marketing shares: lead intelligence, lead alerts
    • Sales shares: Contact touches, lead status updates, revenue goals and results
  • Marketing channel performance
    • Track digital visits, leads, visit-to-lead ratios, lead-to-customer ratios – by campaign, by channel
  • Strategic sales & marketing partnership
    • Sales hands off lead to marketing for nurturing
    • Marketing hands off qualified lead for sales conversion
    • Shared definitions of qualified leads, lead-generation goals and sales-conversion goals means both teams are invested in success
  • Marketing automation for lead scoring and lead nurturing
  • Track your success
    • Monetize leads
    • Calculate marketing ROI
    • Analyze results
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Be a Trusted Partner Throughout Your Buyers’ Journey – Boomm Can Help!

  • Benefit From a Full Suite of Strategic Brand Development, Inbound Marketing, and Lead Generation Tools & Technology
    • Brand Stewardship
      • Secure the value of your brand with a strategic positioning and identity program, and integrated go-to-market campaigns.
    • Engagement Mapping
      • We’ll audit your market’s channels and assess content opportunities to deliver messaging your customers want, when and how they want it.
    • Marketing Automation Implementation & Management
      • Deploy advanced marketing tools to create content, generate and track leads, and analyze performance.
    • Content Marketing
      • Content strategy, campaign development, editorial calendarization, and compelling “brand journalism” are hallmarks of our best-in-class content marketing programs.
    • Online Design & Development
      • From comprehensive websites and mobile environments, to precision-strike microsites and landing pages, we use leading-edge digital design and development strategies to craft robust, results-producing customer experiences.
    • Search Engine Optimization
      • SEO expertise drives the success of every component of your digital brand.
    • Social media
      • Build hard-working social network channels that will grow your customer reach and relationships and optimize marketing performance.