B2B Digital Marketing Means Incoming Business

It has become critical for marketers to measure their success and show results in terms of leads, sales and return on investment. As traditional marketing tactics lose ground to more advanced B2B digital marketing technologies in performance measurability, marketers are embracing these new tools for their go-to-market campaigns. But tactics, old or new, remain ineffective if they only add to the communications clutter surrounding today’s customers and prospects.

That’s where inbound marketing comes in. Inbound marketing techniques provide an organizing principle to create clarity in your marketing communications, as well as content relevancy and value, which is essential in getting – and keeping – customers’ attention throughout the sales cycle. Inbound marketing – the science of drawing customers to your brand by producing content customers value – compels customers through the sales funnel, yielding information that’s vital to their decision-making process, while generating highly qualified leads for your sales channel.

How Inbound Marketing Powers Results

With inbound marketing, you earn the attention of prospects with high-value content that provides solutions to their problems at hand. This allows you to manage your customers “contextually”– based on when, where and how they want to consume information.

  • Get Found: At the top of the funnel, channels such as social media, blogging, SEO, digital advertising and PR promote content developed to attract customers.
  • Engage: Inbound marketing nurtures leads through a logical, progressive sequence at the middle of the funnel using content that matches their information needs.
  • Convert: Inbound marketing gauges a prospect’s readiness to buy – and delivers red-hot leads ready for your sales team at the bottom of the funnel.
  • Close the Loop: By defining, measuring and refining your marketing performance through the sales conversion, you can develop best-practice B2B digital marketing approaches that your customers truly welcome.
Boomm Inbound marketing funnel

Inbound Marketing Made Easy

Hubspot Partner LogoAs a certified HubSpot partner, Boomm can provide you with an easy-to-use, all-in-one B2B digital marketing automation tool that integrates the power tools of today’s best-in-class marketers:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Email lead nurturing
  • Automated lead management
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Landing page creation
  • Dashboard and deep-dive analysis
  • CRM integration