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Big show or no show? How foodservice trade shows factor into purchase decisions

Before social media and mobile. Before videos and blogs. Before all of today’s countless ways to connect there were foodservice trade shows. And for busy industry decision makers, these events were an essential source for keeping up with trends, innovations and colleagues. Foodservice trade shows were also the place to learn about new products, menu options and technology. These purchase decisions were important enough that operators needed to do a little homework, ask a few colleagues, and compare choices first hand. But times have changed. This is an age of instant information and online research. Does that mean foodservice trade [...]

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What Makes Non-Commercial Foodservice Operators So Different?

Q. How can you tell commercial and non-commercial foodservice operators apart? A. Don’t bother trying. That might sound like a bad joke, but it’s actually the strategy for too many foodservice marketing campaigns. Faced with the daunting challenge of segmenting decision makers, the fallback reaction seems to be to lump non-commercial foodservice operators in with their counterparts. That’s not surprising because commercial foodservice is the industry’s largest and most recognizable segment. But non-commercial operators are a force in their own right. And marketers cannot afford to neglect these decision makers or ignore their distinct differences. Which brings us to an [...]

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How to Think Like an Editor: Tips for B2B Content Marketers

B2B content marketers wear many hats, from “writer” to “social media guru” to “lead generator.” One of the more intimidating things that content marketers are called upon to do is editing. Depending on your experience, editing may feel like a daunting task. But with a little practice and the right mindset, you’ll be well on your way to being a confident, effective editor. Put On Your Editor Hat If you’re not used to thinking like an editor, you might need to adjust your thinking before putting red pen to paper. One major characteristic that good editors have in common: they’re [...]

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The Ultimate Food Fight: Foodservice Trade Publications in a War

When you hear the term “food fight,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of John Belushi and his Animal House buddies heaving cafeteria entrees at their fraternity rivals. But a much more serious food fight is being waged between competing foodservice trade publications and websites. And the stakes are certainly higher. Foodservice magazines and websites are competing fiercely for the attention of operators, and for many titles, it’s the fight of their lives. That’s because operators have very little time to spare and trade media is not high on the priority list. So the battle rages on and intriguing [...]

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The Most Influential Force in Foodservice: Who Really Guides an Operator’s Decisions?

Foodservice is one of the largest, most significant and most important industries in the nation. According to the National Restaurant Association, it is estimated that 14.4 million people will be employed in foodservice this year alone. And restaurant employees total 10% of the entire workforce in America. Clearly, the industry is a major force. But who holds the keys to the kingdom? In other words, who is the most influential figure in foodservice? You may think it’s a nationally recognized celebrity chef who helps shape the latest taste trends. Or it could be a well-connected industry lobbyist who helps advocate [...]

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B2B Email Design That Makes Your Customers Want to Click

Despite many predictions about the death of email, it’s still going strong. Email is the cornerstone of many omnichannel marketing campaigns because it’s highly targeted, cost-effective, trackable, and relatively inexpensive to produce. It provides instant gratification for recipients, who can chose to click through or delete in an instant. Often, the difference between an email that a prospect follows through on and an email that’s relegated to the trash bin hinges on its design. And this involves much more than graphic sensibilities. Exploring some principles of good B2B email design can help you reach your customers more effectively and ensure [...]

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This is the Foodservice Information Age: What Media Formats Do Operators Trust Most?

A foodservice operator has ten precious minutes between shifts. In this fleeting “down time,” she has a big decision on her mind. Her kitchen counter space is limited and an undercounter refrigerator sounds like the perfect solution. But her expertise is in stir frying, not restaurant equipment. Where does our busy operator turn now? After all, this is the foodservice information age. Operators have more media formats than ever to guide their purchase decisions. Will she page through food industry publications, text an industry colleague for advice or turn to online user reviews? Will she contact a sales rep, or [...]

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How the Future of Foodservice Makes Decisions: Tracking the Millennial Buyers Journey

Did you feel that? It wasn’t a tremor or a Sysco truck rumbling by. The foodservice industry just shifted a little, and there are more groundbreaking moments to come. That’s because a new force is emerging and it’s definitely shaking things up. After decades of established preferences, the rules are changing for reaching and influencing foodservice decision makers. This dynamic shift is being driven by Millennial operators, the rising leaders of the future. These younger decision makers were raised in the information age. Unlike previous generations of foodservice operators, their connections, relationships and communities have been established and nurtured online. [...]

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The Growing Power of Social Media to Influence Foodservice Purchase Decisions

Foodservice is much more than an industry or an occupation. It’s a culture, a passion and a lifestyle for operators and decision makers. Foodservice is also a very insular world. Operators frequently consult each other, their customers and trusted sales representatives before making important purchase decisions. But that structure is changing, and the perfect example is the evolving relationship between social media and food industry decision makers. To truly understand the new dynamic between social media and food industry purchase decisions, a new food industry research study consulted operators about their buyer’s journey and what influences them along the way. [...]

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How to Select Great Focus Keywords for Your Content

Focus keywords are the building blocks of on-page SEO. Selecting great keywords can help you set your blog, website or landing page up for success. But actually finding those keywords is often daunting. What makes a good keyword? And where can you find new keywords? Here are a few tips to increase your keyword selection expertise: Google AdWords is your friend. If you’re stumped for keywords, the best place to start is the free Keyword Planner tool in Google AdWords. Type in a subject or set of words, and Keyword Planner will generate a list of related suggestions. These suggestions [...]

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